On Oct 11, 2023, leaders & experts from government, industry, and academia will convene to discuss the challenges and opportunities of human & machine intelligence.

Is the future of AI data- or knowledge-first? Can machines learn from human experience? What are the key lessons in combining data & knowledge for life-critical applications?

Hiroshi KutsumiHiroshi Kutsumi

Hiroshi Kutsumi


Director at Panasonic, leading its Global Digital & AI Technology Center. His organization provides the bridge between leading-edge technologies and customer solutions through the business divisions. A veteran exec at Panasonic, Kutsumi-san is a senior leader in the CTO organization, bringing to market innovative products from autonomous robots to AI-based predictive maintenance.

R. Sambasivam, PhDR. Sambasivam, PhD

R. Sambasivam, PhD

Petronas Group

Chief Data Scientist at Petronas. He leads advanced Oil & Gas analytics initiatives at Petronas to transform & deliver value across the group. Earlier, at Tata Steel, Dr. Sambasivam led the development of the Analytics CoE, shaping large digital transformation programs. Dr. Sambasivam holds an MS in Mechanical Engineering, IIT and a PhD in Fluid Mechanics, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Chetan Gupta, PhDChetan Gupta, PhD

Chetan Gupta, PhD


Head, Industrial AI at Hitachi, co-leads the Hitachi Global AI CoE & is Deputy GM for Hitachi AI Research Center. Dr. Gupta leads the strongest team of DS, architects & devs to build fundamental horizontal Industrial AI technologies & vertical solutions for mobility, manufacturing, mining, energy management systems, and industrial analytics. He has a Ph.D. in Maths, M.S. in CS & ChemE from UIC.

Merwan MerebyMerwan Mereby

Merwan Mereby

WESCO (née Westinghouse)

VP of Digital Platforms at WESCO (formerly Westinghouse). Mr. Mereby has led global incubation & expansion of connected products & cloud-based industrial applications. He has led acquisitions of AI companies, managed sales/distribution strategies & policies. He has identified and forged strategic partnerships and managed relationships with other Fortune 500 companies.

James ChamJames Cham

James Cham

Bloomberg Beta VC

Co-founding General Partner, Bloomberg Beta, a highly successful early-stage venture capital firm with a soul, based in Silicon Valley. Bloomberg Beta invests funds from a single LP: the billionaire Mayor Bloomberg. Mr. Cham is a thought leader in the future of AI and its business models. He earned his BS CS from Harvard and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Christopher Nguyen, PhDChristopher Nguyen, PhD

Christopher Nguyen, PhD


CEO of Aitomatic, a Knowledge-First ML company. He works with leading industrial companies like Panasonic and Tesla to help get fish from ocean to table, make efficient batteries for EVs, and keep cars safe. Dr. Nguyen was president of Arimo-Panasonic, eng. director at Google, and prof. of ECE at HKUST. He earned his BS from UC Berkeley, and MS & PhD from Stanford.

Hung Bui, PhDHung Bui, PhD

Hung Bui, PhD

Vin AI & DeepMind

CEO of VinAI, on a mission to make machines better understand humans. He was at Google DeepMind, Adobe Research, Nuance NLU Lab after ten years at the AI Center, SRI International. Dr. Bui led a multi-institution research team that developed the probabilistic inference technology for the CALO project. He was assoc prof at Curtin University, Australia, & earned a PhD in CS.

Seiya Miyazaki, PhDSeiya Miyazaki, PhD

Seiya Miyazaki, PhD


Product Manager for AI engineering at Cold Chain Solutions Company, Panasonic. Dr. Miyazaki has been leading a wide range of development of industrial AI solutions including predictive maintenance, demand forecasting, control optimization, and product life estimation. He earned his MS degree in information technology from CMU and PhD from the University of Tokyo.

Phong X. Nguyen, PhDPhong X. Nguyen, PhD

Phong X. Nguyen, PhD

FPT Software

Chief AI Officer, FPT Software. Prior, he was an AI Researcher at Hitachi Central Research Laboratory (Japan), where he obtained 8 patents and was named among Hitachi’s Top 50 young inventors. He was also Director of Data Science and AI Division at Tokyo Techies, and Hitachi’s representative and Visiting Researcher at Mila. He earned his MS from CMU and PhD from the University of Tokyo.

Thuc Vu, PhDThuc Vu, PhD

Thuc Vu, PhD


CEO & Co-Founder, OhmniLabs, a 3D-Printed AI Robotics company. Dr. Vu previously founded Katango which was acquired by Google. An Assistant Professor at John Von Neumann Institute of Vietnam National University, he has deep expertise in game theory, machine learning, tournament design and multi-agent systems. He earned his BS in CS from CMU, and a PhD from Stanford.

Takashi KawamuraTakashi Kawamura

Takashi Kawamura


AI Solution Group Manager, Panasonic Digital & AI Development Center. He was MD of Panasonic R&D Company of America. He was awarded the Takagi Award from the Image Sensing Technology Research Society for his work on Panasonic’s DFD technology, and the Technical Award from the Photographic Society of Japan. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in EE from the University of Tokyo.

R. ChiewvanichakornR. Chiewvanichakorn

R. Chiewvanichakorn


Data scientist at Cold-Chain Solutions, Panasonic, working on data analytics & AI solutions for industries. She leads the development of anomaly detection systems for cold-chain equipment. Ms. Chiewvanichakorn received her MS degree in Informatics from Kyoto University, Japan, where her research focused on neural networks and mixed-integer linear programming for chemo-informatics.

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K1st World

Physical, human-centered systems present unique challenges. Up to now, Silicon Valley has assumed a digital, computer-centered world.

Knowledge-First AI prioritizes human experience alongside data. This promotes powerful, yet safe, reliable and trustworthy ML/AI systems.

K1st World Symposium
unites leaders from government, industry, and academia to discuss the challenges and opportunities of combining human & machine intelligence.

Featured topics:

  • Knowledge-First AI and Generative AI
  • Human-Centered AI: Trust & Safety
  • Industrial Application Successes & Failures

Program Management

Profile picture of Ben Lorica

Ben Lorica, PhD

Program Chair

Former Chief Data Scientist, O’Reilly. Past Program Chair of Strataconf.com, TheAIconf.com, Tensorflow.world, and #SparkAISummit. Dr. Lorica hosts the Data Exchange Podcast, focused on data, machine learning and AI. He also produces Gradient Flow, named by Coursera as a Top-10 Site for Data Scientists. He earned his PhD in Mathematics from UC Santa Barbara.

Timothy Rozario, PhD

Technical Program Chair

Head of AI Solutions Engineering, Aitomatic, leading teams to build cutting-edge Industrial AI solutions that leverage domain expertise. Dr. Rozario applied ML to radiation treatment at UT Southwestern Medical. At Siemens Automation, he helped enterprises to improve automation capabilities. He earned his PhD in CS from UT Dallas.


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