Phong Nguyen, PhD

Chief AI Officer

Dr. Nguyen is FPT Software’s Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO). He is an influential leader with vast managerial and technical experience. From 2013 to 2021, Phong served as an AI researcher at Hitachi Central Research Laboratory (Japan), where he obtained 8 patents and was named among Hitachi’s Top 50 young inventors. He also spent two years as Director of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Division at Tokyo Techies (Japan); and two years as Hitachi’s representative and Visiting Researcher at the world’s largest AI research institute Mila (Canada).

In 2018, Phong returned to Vietnam as one of 100 national talents participating in the Vietnamese Government’s Innovation Network. He is currently FPT’s representative and Visiting Researcher at Mila. Phong played an important role in the strategic partnership between FPT and Mila, the world’s largest AI research institute, with an aspiration to build a world-class AI center in Vietnam.

Phong obtained a Master of Science in Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon University in 2013. He also earned a Ph.D. in Applied Artificial Intelligence from The University of Tokyo in 2022.

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